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Mary Berry
What pasta was waiting for

As vegans we have lovely v pasta and v sauce. Now to crown it all we have this wonderful Italian style v . Also good on salads and roast potatoes . It’s the best

Claire boucher
Best vegan parmesan around!

Oh my goodness you really must try this vegan parmesan! Pre grated and super easy to use, adds the nutty taste we're missing to a bolognese, risotto it any pasta dish. I cannot be without this anymore!

John Canham
The best parmesan

This is fantastic on pasta - makes it soooo tasty

Tina Ball
Cheesy crumbly goodness!

This stuff is just perfect for everything, 'grate' alternative to parmesan, its cheesy crumbly goodness melts into each bite of my spaghetti bolognaise perfectly. Have also sprinkled over salads, over roasted veggies, my jacket potato with beans, literally most meals! Will be buying more for sure

Becky Brown
Fantastic 😍

Every house should have a pot of this sitting in the fridge. Perfect for topping absolutely everything. Easy to sprinkle on, and it keeps for ages. Although I've always used it weeks, if not months, before the best before date. Don't really know how our meals survived before discovering this cheesy Italian delight!

The perfect alternative to parmesan! This hard Italian style grated topping has that cheesy, tangy taste and is ready to be sprinkled over everything from pasta and risotto, to a Caesar salad or pizza!

Made from almonds it has a lovely savoury taste and even browns in the oven so is great for topping your lasagne or pasta bake!

Ingredients: Almonds, Nutritional Yeast, Onion Powder, Sea Salt, Garlic Powder, Citric Acid.

Allergens in bold

100g approx weight - 5 month min shelf life. 

Nutritional Info per 100g:

Energy 2201kJ / 526Kcal, Fat 43g -of which Saturates 3.2g, Carbohydrate 22g -of which Sugars 6.1g, Protein 23g, Salt 3.8g