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Alison Salmon
Not one of their best

Didn't melt, tried under the grill and as a pasta sauce.
Taste is reasonable but there are very few uses for a non melting mozzarella substitute.

Jacky White

It hadn’t got the texture I hoped for but taste was good. It was however, creamy enough to add some icing sugar to and make a delicious creamy cheesecake desert topping…a winner for me as hadn’t catered for myself when purchasing Christmas treat.

Vegan delight

I so missed cheese after becoming vegan and had tried the various cheeses available from supermarkets, so so unhealthy and horrible texture and plastic taste then I saw an advert for kindaco cheese, I had been interested about a cashew nut based cheese so took the bull by the horns and placed an order. Wow ,certainly wasn’t disappointed, I have tried 5 products and they are so tasty , my daughter and granddaughter love it too , thank you so much for your product, simply delicious. Carolyn

Kylie Pace
Fabulous cheeses

Mozzarellie is just one of the most fabulous cheeses from Ellie and the team at kinda co.
But we really love the farmhouse jar and the faux lox and dill jar. Actually we love all the cheeses!!


Perfect for putting on homemade pizza! Doesn't taste exactly like mozzarella if that's what you're expecting but nice and tasty in it's own right. I freeze the jars and the cheeses keep much longer then. Just defrost in the fridge, not had a problem with that.

Mild, creamy and made for melting! This cashew based mozzarella-style cheese is perfect for topping pizza, pasta or for making the most amazing cheese on toast! It will bubble and brown when under the grill so get ready to make your gooey cheese dreams come true. 

The mild cheesy flavour and soft texture also work well in a salad - simply scoop small spoonfuls of cheese from the jar and mix with tomato, basil and olive oil for a tasty Caprese salad. 

This cheese comes in a jar to avoid plastic packaging, simply slice or spoon out the size or shape you need for your desired dish and you can save the rest for later. 

As for the name.. It was put to a public vote and it was there decided to be named after our founder Ellie!

200g jar weight.

Shelf life upon receiving average 14-18 days.

Ingredients: Cashew nuts, Water, Coconut Oil, Tapioca Flour, Nutritional Yeast, Agar Agar, Salt, Vegan Lactic Acid. 

Allergens in bold

Nutritional Info per 100g:

Energy 821kJ / 199Kcal, Fat 18g -of which Saturates 14g, Carbohydrate 6.2g -of which Sugars 0.6g, Protein 2.4g, Salt 2g